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    Default What games are worth multiboxing and why?

    WoW no longer allows that, I bought multiple pc so I can do it legally using hardware, what games are worth multiboxing and why?

    I saw people 24 boxing everquest, what's the point?

    also I saw some multiboxing archeage, is it worth it?
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    Hardware boxing (multi pc) isn’t less or more allowed than software, for wow.

    I continue to enjoy classic (sod) as a 3 boxer (down from 5 down from 10)
    5,8,10 boxing wow with Wow Open Box and MAMA, give them a try!
    (was 8 Boxing Wow with HotKeyNet and ISBoxer)
    Join many boxers playing Classic on US PvP Alliance: <Epic>@Blaumeux
    Was streaming on

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    Classic Everquest is amazing to box. FF14 is great for modern games.

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