Hello everyone and happy 2023!

I'm an old timer multiboxer and I'm thinking on returning to 5boxing and WOW.

I see there are safe solutions around thanks to the effort and the dedication of some.
It's truly appreciated, thank you.

So I'm thinking on using WOB and MAMA, I see some comments on how hard (impossible?) it is to follow the dragon but well, I mostly want to dungeon with them.

I have a few questions if someone might be willing to help:
- can we queue normal/heroic with a full group in group finder and get teleported to the dungeon?
- if yes, can we queue with 5BM hunters? (because there's no formal tank/healer)
- I'm not looking for anything complex for the time being, what is "hot" in MBxing 5 of the same class nowadays? I had lots of fun with 5BM hunters, quick and dirty dungeons, I had a lot of fun with 5 Pala Protec, slow and clean, but I really would like to know if someone is doing ok with non-formal groups (I miss boomkin tank and 4 shaman so much...)

I've also read that some world quests are not doable in group but I see some interesting farming for wrathion and sabellion and any other elite zones.

Thank you and have a great day