Looks like it's been a while since anybody has posted here so let's see how active the Eve community is here.

I'm looking at building a second PC. This will be a primarily dedicated Eve Online muti-boxing PC. Especially with some of the latest updates CCP has pushed out each client is taking more and more to run these days.

I have always found Eve to be a beautiful game so have always run all 13 accounts on high settings with no issues. Well, lately , since the update to DX12 it seems, and has been slowly getting worse, I can only run 6 accounts....decently. I've had to lower the setting on most of them to even get them to work properly. That's with my current i7-8700, 32GB RAM and 1080.

Basically I want to make sure I'm looking at the right hardware for my new setup. If I'm understanding things corrects, the more core and threads on the CPU the better right? Means the PC can do more and think about more at once. With that, a pretty heft amount of RAM would be needed as well? Help work on processing all that data faster correct?

I'm looking at possibly getting the following setup:
AMD 3960X 3.8 GHz 24-Core Processor
8 x 32 GB DDR4 3600 CL 18 Memory
RTx 3070 8GB GPU

If I am in fact thinking about this right this bad boy should be overboard. But i'd kill to be able to get all 13 running again. Any help and guidance will be greatly appreciated.