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    Unhappy Absolutely Bizzare Multibox Game Request

    Hi Guys,

    My name's Jordan, but since I'm called Autismo in the game I'm going to be talking about, you can call me that. I'm part of a very, VERY small community (about 2,000 people I estimate) that play the browser game Yeah, I want to multibox in it. I know people from a group called SI did it years ago, but almost all of the people involved are now inactive on discord. I've tried talking to a few of my friends who play the game on discord about how to do it, but no luck. For some context, multiboxing how I want to in drednot is way less complicated than it would be in WoW or most other commonly multiboxed games. All I want to do is move have mouse movement in one window cloned to all the windows I'm multiboxing in, and when I click, it also clicks in a window-relative location. That's it! Somehow, doing something this simple has taken me ALL DAY exploring MULTIPLE avenues - I've checked out the AutoControl plugin for Chrome, downloaded multiple mouse movement softwares, I have finally downloaded Hotkeynet, but I feel like I'm no closer to achieving my fairly simple goal. Help?? Help!!!!

    P.S. You guys are NOT dinosaurs for "still" using forums. I'm 18.


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    Hey, just dropping in to say this hasn't gone unnoticed. I've been somewhat absent from these part for a while, but probably will have some more time to fiddle again.

    On topic:

    ISboxer 2, while not publicly available yet, will probably be the premiere solution. From what I understand the support for browser games will be quite good.

    For HKN, I do know people have used it for other browser based games, but I am not aware of this specific game, or if there are any issues with clicks specifically. I will probably have some down time over the next few days and I could try and refresh my memory on the program to see if I can come up with anything. It's been a while, so I' not making any promises though.


    I can not, for the life of me, get this game to work properly even outside of multiboxing so I am having quite a hard time attempting to work on this...
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