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    Happy update, managed to one shot heroic gundrak and COS with my paladin 4 shaman, I respec'd one shaman Resto and assisted with damage, wasn't a challenge like it is on my dk priest and mages team. I'm fairly convinced this is because of how op paladins are, they just take so little damage. My paladin is pretty well geared at this point, the shaman are just in pvp gear from hopping into wintergrasp every time. Will give some more heroics a shot now I know it can be done.

    Pretty happy with this I never got a single heroic down in tbc. Will look to mix up the teams a little bit find out what makes the smoothest run. I didn't realise at the time how it really isn't a dps race to clear a heroic as the shaman for sure do less damage than my pve geared mages. Will look to respec my dk to blood away from unh see if that helps.

    Keep you updated

    Edit: just hit VH for lols see how it would go, no wipes but lost a couple of shaman have to love reincarnation, had shadow boss and water boss, seemed easy enough might of just been lucky. Water boss wasn't easy to down all the adds, had another portal open on me when I was taking him down. Got really lucky with the hit trinket dropping, just need another 3 now haha. Also hit HOL because that was the daily, really messy wipe on the last boss just running away too slow but got him and also did Gundrak with no issues.

    Paladin is OP as a tank, it self heals just by whacking the target, holy shield is kind of so much mitigation that you can sort of forget about the tank while you burn targets down with the dps. I really wanted the DK to be my main boxing tank, its just not as strong as paladin. I will bench the paladin and Resto sham for the DK and disp priest with the 3 ele sham in a couple days see if that makes a big difference. At the moment it really feels Shaman > Mages just for the passive healing. My DK is a bit ghetto geared though subbing a lot of def stats for resilience and gemming stamina, so pretty natural for the paladin to feel far more tanky.

    I have also leveled my 5 Boomkins to 75 (wondering how well these would do in heroics plan is 5 boomies on trash, trinity set up on bosses, 5x star fall is hilarious), 4 hunters at 72 will try to get that lot to 80 before the end of the xp bonus. Kinda wondering what the next team to level should be?
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    Anyone cleared any of the heroic + yet?

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    Teslah - for your Pally, mage, druid, priest and shaman, which specs are you running for each? I was having trouble with this diverse of a squad. Particularly curious about the priest healer spec.

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