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    Default Managing Multiple Instances/Windows

    Hey all.. long time no chat. With DF launching right around the corner decided to start playing again. I am going to have 5 accounts, so I can farm Mounts and MOG's. I wont be using them for any other reasons than to farm. I will have a main on WoW1 that I will use exclusively for M+, Raiding etc.

    Is there software out there, that wont get me banned for using, that can manage all 5 windows and get them setup over my 2 screens? Maybe have some more FPS management features or something?

    I remember back in the day I used something like winEQ2 or something like that, but its been so long I figured I would ask here first.

    Thanks in advance

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    You can use Wowopenbox (link in my signature) in non RR mode and exit after windows are placed. can’t be safer: nothing running during play. (rest of the features up to you/risk level)
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