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    Default 3 accounts setup help

    Hey, I have a question for all you experienced MBxers. What would be the suggeste setup for a leveling comp with 3 accs? I reallyo nly multibox at the start of every xpac, to save time when leveling my alts. Also, would like to keep it within ToS if possible, I used to use ISboxer on SL launch, but that one got "prohibited" so....Thanks in advance!

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    If you're interested in what team compositions you should play, then the "Macros & AddOns" sub-form is the wrong place to ask about those.

    Also, ISBoxer isn't prohibited; broadcasting is. People have continued to use ISBoxer, without broadcasting, since the change in policy, years ago.

    Finally, I would move your post to the proper sub-form, but I don't know which version of World of Warcraft you're interested in, so I'm going to lock this thread to halt an off-topic discussion, and I would ask that you re-post this question about team comps in the proper sub-forum, thanks.
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