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    Default Old Kingdom Heroic - Last Boss Strategy.

    Hey guys,

    I thought I would post this video for the few who are still multiboxing. When I did the heroic daily here, I ran past the boss to the brazier to burn the item. I noticed an alcove. I put all the dps and healer in there and tried it. It worked great!

    Couple things.

    1. If you have high instant burst dps, this will work awesome. I've done it a few times now, and each time it's worked well with little trauma.
    2. Make sure to put your healer just in front of the dps, since they spawn in the exact same spot during insanity.
    3. Leave your tank alone during this phase, he can last a while so you can focus on your dps. Have the priest or healer put a shield, HoTs on itself and they will be fine.
    4. Totally focus on the dps to get the healer and group dead so you get to other groups and help them.
    5. Make sure you have all the cooldowns you need for insanity.
    6. Important - It takes a second or two for the doubles to activate. Don't burst dps them down until they attack. I attacked too fast the first time and it did not activate the instant flamestrikes since it didn't hit anyone, which caused a wipe.

    If someone has a decent strategy for the elemental boss in Gundark, please post a video!
    Pally, mage, druid, priest and shaman on Staghelm.

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    Legend mate! Absolutely love seeing your videos gives me so much hope for my team.

    Question about the mages, mine are currently spec'd frost they have always been frost I quite like this for dungeons as a group of mobs seem to die in one blizzard. My tank is a Unholy DK, who is probably a little too squishy really but I'm having fun. What are the perks of fire? I'm aware frost has zero endgame pve but they seem to work so well, I found a spot in grizzly hills the other day with instant respawns and so I just sat there tabbing and spamming frostbolts for a couple hours till I got bored of it, they would take about 15-20 minutes to run out of mana even with endless casting.

    I have also thought about going Arcane? I saw there was a talent that increases the damage on the target if they are snared, well that would work great with the unholy dk snares. I quite often kite with my dk is the approach I have. Having fun though every dungeon is a challenge.

    cheers for sharing the videos mate.

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    I never even thought about a strategy for that boss. I was just keep pressing my dps key, both on normal and heroic without any issue.
    But to be fair, I'm running 5x Paladins.

    Though if I'd run a mage team I probably would do it similar (except the thing with the alcove), with the addition to have all mages move a step back with phasing into doppelganger fight, then Flamestrike > CoC (that still a thing?) > Arcane Explosion [speaking with vanilla/tbc knowledge about mages].

    PS: Please... mute the sound on the clients, the video or only have it active on the main client.
    The first thing I do for your videos is to mute it... pure ear cancer right away with breaking sound 5 times a second because of window switching.

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    Hi simpletom,

    Arcane is the top dps mage spec right now. A couple of patches and Fire moves back into connection with late game gear and crits.

    When doing this, I based it on the Firestarter talent. Firestarter gives you two instant Flamestrikes. One after Blast Wave and one after Dragon's Breath. With the below macro, you can get all 4 spells off in a couple of seconds doing massive damage X 3. Takes out most heroic groups. If not, Dragon's Breath dazes them so you can AE them or just clean them up with the tank.

    /castsequence [@player] reset=10 blast wave, flamestrike, dragon's breath, flamestrike
    /cast combustion
    /use 13
    /use 14

    And, like you said Blizzard is a great spell at range, plus their normal Scorch, Fireball, instant Pyroblast combo.

    Forgot to add I have the Blast Wave glyph that gets rid of the knockback so you can aoe them down.
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    It's a lot easier with all melee. They have to run to you. For ranged, they stay at range, so 4 spread out ranged dps is much tougher to deal with manually one client at a time. Especially with a healer on heroic spamming non-stop heals.

    Paladins are great fun as a 5 man group.
    Pally, mage, druid, priest and shaman on Staghelm.

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    Hey Teslah, how's the teams going? Cheers for your suggestion to change over to arcane.

    I've been casually leveling up some of my other teams, I still don't have a team or even a single level 80 yet many at mid 70s was kind of wondering if I'll ever get into heroics this expansion haha.

    Hope you having fun mate, I've been playing around with 5 boomies, they all suck just boosted gear atm but has potential. My real winning team I'm having fun with is 4 hunters and a priest, just mows everything down. I was kinda just using it for farming leather as its just so fast its not even funny. Will keep you posted on progress, I'm finally going home after being at sea for basically the entire time wrath has been out hence my lack of time to play so should be getting a team or two to 80 very soon.

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    Way more important that you are serving your country by the way (if I got that wrong, let me know). WoW is great fun, but totally irrelevant compared to what you are doing.

    Hi Simpletom,

    I've been plugging away. The second Alli team is a DK tank, 2 Shamans, Boomkin and priest. They are extremely fun to play and can handle any heroic pretty easy. I'll post a video of that team later tonight (I'm in NY).

    Glad you're home and will have some time to play. Holidays are coming, so hopefully you can get some quality time in.

    Best part now is I can mix and match teams, so all heroics become pretty easy at this point. For example, Gundrak the elemental boss is one of the easiest fights with a Shaman with nature resist and cleansing totem. Just a tank and spank now.

    Looking forward to your videos!
    Pally, mage, druid, priest and shaman on Staghelm.

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    sorry for the confusion, no I'm not in the forces. I work as crew on ships, would have loved to of joined the navy unfortunately those days are long past. internet is patchy at best.

    DK tank is pretty exciting, its what I mained in wrath first time around, as you already have a boomie in that team I guess you are going blood? I have mine with my mages as unholy, I think I'm going to have to reluctantly respec it at 80 wait till I'm out gearing heroics and then go back to unholy for the 13% spell damage debuff. Have you seen the plans for Heroic+ in the next phase? Excited to find out how much harder they will be. I honestly find normals bit of a challenge with my current set ups, I'm hoping a lot more practice and some better tuned cast sequence marcros will go along way. I didn't get a single team kill on a heroic in TBC, a big part of me was too intimidated to try any considering how hard I was finding a lot of normals. I really want to get some cleared this expansion.

    I've been leveling up 4 of druids herbalism, only one is into wrath level herbs the other 3 are 75% through vanilla stages but already I'm seeing good farming potential with this, I just have them run around on auto run while I try to monitor all 4 screens when they run past or fly over a node. It felt like a lot to monitor at the start but its become far more natural now, it will be great when they are all flying so I don't have the issues of constantly running into mobs and trees, also the remounting is a hassle.

    What are you currently doing for gold making if you don't mind me asking? I'm hitting the grizzly hills 4 dailies that are the the south with 2 teams that's netting me about 220g per day at the moment for about 20 minutes worth of effort its also a decent hit of xp, I have a bunch of tailors at 375 but only one above 415 so my goal is to be churning out ebonweaves as fast as possible as those have a bigger profit margin on my server. Also a few alchemists, I'm thinking of turning the 4 druids into alchemists also for more transmutes, but I really don't even use what I have to full potential. I'm sitting on banks of raw mats that I should probably just sell, but when I accumulate enough raw mats cloth/herb I normally just level up an alts profession with it.

    really I probably need to stop messing about and just focus on leveling a team to 80 haha...

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    This is the first expansion/update where I tried to get ready for it. I bought up a bunch of mats before Wrath for tailoring, alchemy, engineering, enchanting and blacksmithing, so when Wrath hit I could sell it for a ton. I also leveled everyone up to be ready.

    I went all out on BS and Mining and made a ton of gold early on with Titansteel weapons and armor. I also have 13 tailors (8 of which can now make cloth) and was selling the cloth when it was 250 per piece early on. It's almost half that now. I wanted the 3 person mammoth and 2 person bike for each team so I could run all 5 around the map with no one on follow. It works really well since it is just 2 mounts and you get all 5 characters with you.

    Anyway, I usually miss the boat for big money making at the start of an expansion. This is the one time in 15 years I was pretty ready, so I did okay and made a lot of money early.

    The dailies are great. I did them on all alts in the mid to late 70s. My routine was as follows:

    Coldara daily, Wyrmrest daily, Bombing on the flying ship daily, Bombing the gargoyles in the helicopter daily, the 4 in Grizzly Hills in the north, the one in Grizzly by the flight path and the 3 more that were south of there. I forget the names of them. I did about 13 or 14 dailies each day on all 10 characters. Once you get flying you can fly the alts in place without being on follow and have your main do the quests so everyone else gets credit.

    Flying of course makes everything way easier. You can just hover above the ground while one character does the quests. If it is collection, do it on one, hover up, then do another one, hover up so they don't get attacked and repeat.
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    Cheers for the dailies loop, I've started doing the additional 3 dailies in the north of grizzly hills that don't require a collection as well, its adding a nice little boost to the daily gold, I'm up to 3 cloth makers now ones sat at 410 so close just don't want to spend more than 8g per stack of Frostweave because I'm tight like that haha.

    I'm currently leveling everyones cooking with the event going on seems like a good option if the value of northern spices ever comes back up on my realm, so 20 odd cooking dailies 'could' be a good little earner down the line, I'm also sat on a bank of frozen meat because of all the skinning farming I've done on my hunter team so should be able to make a decent profit off this.

    I'm having some trouble with my arcane mages and their cast sequence macro, sometimes it just stops.

    /target [target=focustarget, harm, nodead]
    /castsequence [nochanneling] reset=combat/target arcane blast, arcane blast, arcane blast, arcane missiles

    any ideas?

    teams are currently at 78 and 76, I put the 78 team into VH just to see how they would do, was a very bad idea with the broken macro, 4 portals and I'm HS out haha >.<

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