Hey guys,

I thought I would post this video for the few who are still multiboxing. When I did the heroic daily here, I ran past the boss to the brazier to burn the item. I noticed an alcove. I put all the dps and healer in there and tried it. It worked great!

Couple things.

1. If you have high instant burst dps, this will work awesome. I've done it a few times now, and each time it's worked well with little trauma.
2. Make sure to put your healer just in front of the dps, since they spawn in the exact same spot during insanity.
3. Leave your tank alone during this phase, he can last a while so you can focus on your dps. Have the priest or healer put a shield, HoTs on itself and they will be fine.
4. Totally focus on the dps to get the healer and group dead so you get to other groups and help them.
5. Make sure you have all the cooldowns you need for insanity.
6. Important - It takes a second or two for the doubles to activate. Don't burst dps them down until they attack. I attacked too fast the first time and it did not activate the instant flamestrikes since it didn't hit anyone, which caused a wipe.

If someone has a decent strategy for the elemental boss in Gundark, please post a video!