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    Default Dual Boxing Action RPGS (Diablo II, Path of Exile)

    I've been playing POE lately and I've wondered about multi-boxing it - figuring out a four man team in a game which such a massive scope in itself is overwhelming, but ultimately I decided the headache of keeping the characters together would be more trouble than it's worth.

    I thought about it some more this morning, and remembered I dual boxed Diablo 2 Resurrected - using an Auradin for support, and I found a great method of controlling this passive secondary character.


    Using a PS5 Joypad plugged into my laptop, I could move the second character around without even looking at the laptop - seeing the dot on the map, or character on my main screen I could use the joypad movement to go the in exact direction I wanted. I could even reach the attack buttons to do some damage. The game provides 'help' to joypad users means you don't need to be so exact, it'll auto-lock onto near by monsters.

    D2R loading times on my laptop were quite bad, and I don't think it'll handle POE - but I did get my steam deck recently!

    So aurabot on steam deck, DPS carry on my PC using mouse - it should work pretty well I think!

    (hah just realised as the forum can be quite slow, I last posted about the Diablo 2 dual boxing only a few threads down!)

    This is what I'm going to attempt
    Spark duo DESTROYS everything || Budget Feared / Simulacrums / MF || Duo party guide [PoE 3.19]
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    So I've got my first available auras, regen health and regen mana - if I plugged a PS5 controller into the steam deck i could attack too, but steam controls are too far apart, and long term i don't want to be attacking, so will just ignore that for now as it'll soon become useless.

    I will shortly be streaming this on

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    Interesting as lots of folk are looking for other games to box...

    Please report back when you get to higher levels how fun it is & how helpful the 2nd aurabot is compared to just soloing.

    I don't know much about POE but I do remember Multidayz getting banned from POE for Multiboxing (I think he was using hardware based synchronous keyboard+mouse switch broadcasting to 5 PCs) & that some others were banned from POE for multiboxing using ISboxer &/or other software based tools...

    Your approach may be fine (don't know as I don't play POE) but I wanted to make sure you were at least aware of what happened to Multidayz so I did a search and found his video (& you can see the discussion regarding his ban in the comments):
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    Should be ok multiboxing, I read you shouldn't use key broadcasting software - so controlling two independently is ok!

    I can run circles around my main whilst he's firing away, so have a pretty good handle on control - but i've ignored movement skills for now, as basically I only want to be using the mouse to control the main and joystick for the aurabot.

    level 41 in campaign, going well so far - few deaths at some bosses as i've not kept up with gearing (health/res) because i'm clearing the zones fast anyway.

    I've got some currency to give them a boost when they get to maps gear wise.

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    Cool I just figured I would share just in case...

    Are the auras on the aurabot persistent (just set/initiate once and they keep running) or do you have to keep starting them?

    For most situations is it basically just movement you need on the aurabot so 4 movement keys would be enough if you didn't want to use a joystick?

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    You only need to cast the auras again if you die, otherwise their persist through relogs.

    I don't think you can assign keys to movement, but yes just movement to keep them within range - which I think is a good amount at max level gems.

    It looks like you should be able to push harder for less currency than a solo build, and be more tanky for boss content - the solo build might be quicker to dart around the maps, but if you're juicing hard then I think this will be a satisfying way to play - but yes will see ! About to enter act 5.. so only half way through campaign.

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    Doing early maps going well! I switched to using a PS5 controller so I could access some attack buttons as using smite to get a lightning aura bumped my spark char from 90k to 250k damage! so it's pretty important, and easy to do with my left hand.

    Got it streaming to my laptop so I can plug in Ps5 controller and keep the steam deck powered without needing a hub. The laptop screen can be more convenient for inventory/trade/character management too - when mapping though i only need to pay attention to main screen.

    I look forward to doing this when the next league starts..

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