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    Default Dual Boxing Action RPGS (Diablo II, Path of Exile)

    I've been playing POE lately and I've wondered about multi-boxing it - figuring out a four man team in a game which such a massive scope in itself is overwhelming, but ultimately I decided the headache of keeping the characters together would be more trouble than it's worth.

    I thought about it some more this morning, and remembered I dual boxed Diablo 2 Resurrected - using an Auradin for support, and I found a great method of controlling this passive secondary character.


    Using a PS5 Joypad plugged into my laptop, I could move the second character around without even looking at the laptop - seeing the dot on the map, or character on my main screen I could use the joypad movement to go the in exact direction I wanted. I could even reach the attack buttons to do some damage. The game provides 'help' to joypad users means you don't need to be so exact, it'll auto-lock onto near by monsters.

    D2R loading times on my laptop were quite bad, and I don't think it'll handle POE - but I did get my steam deck recently!

    So aurabot on steam deck, DPS carry on my PC using mouse - it should work pretty well I think!

    (hah just realised as the forum can be quite slow, I last posted about the Diablo 2 dual boxing only a few threads down!)

    This is what I'm going to attempt
    Spark duo DESTROYS everything || Budget Feared / Simulacrums / MF || Duo party guide [PoE 3.19]
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