Hi all.

Took a break and now I’m jumping back in to level a pally/priest combo. So far I’ve been really pleased with how the leveling is going. Both are at 34 and I’ve done well with the pally in full ret and the priest in full disc. Will dual spec prot and shadow at 40. This duo cleared RFK solo when the mobs were still green/yellow. I’m impressed with the durability.

The problem I’m having now is that I’ve caught up to the “big wave” of new players on the fresh server. I can quest quickly but I’m spending a lot of time competing for mobs with other folks or waiting for a respawn. I feel like I could be going much faster.

Im wondering if you all have any suggestions to get me to 40+ asap where I can start playing in ZF.

My ideas are as follows:

1). Suck it up and keep grinding quests with one quest run for each dungeon
2). Look for open world AOE grind spots that may already have a mage there
3). Find a dungeon I can duo most/all of and grind elites uninterrupted
4). Since classic dungeons are not very hectic, and I can capably tank and heal in a full 5-man group, I could grab 3 dps from LFG and just spam dungeons.

I like the idea of #4 until I want to relax, then moving to another activity. But I’m not sure if it’s efficient. Right now I feel like I’m doing a lot of traveling.

For what it’s worth, I’ve got a great 1h/shield to go along with my 2h corpse maker. This has allowed me to AOE big groups down with ease, even as ret.

Since we have the XP buff only until 9/26, I’d really like to hit 70 before.

If you pros were playing this combo and trying to level as fast as possible on a fresh server with lots of other questers, what would you do?

Any input is appreciated. Thanks for such an awesome resource for our niche passion.