I ressurected my 3 D3 accounts to try a hand at boxing again as the 4 player meta seems quite boxing friendly - And I can really recommend it - 2x Impale DH 1x Supp DH and 1x WW Supp BB (minus charge) is fairly easy to run.
I topped out at 130 with fairly mediocre gear and can run 110-115 with no deaths reasonably fast.

Anyone else running and want to share experiences?

Does multiple iceblink stack?
I find the speed boost from shadows set to cause some problems, but it's manageble - Anyone doing other builds to be able to run same move speed?
Supp barb setup - I run without charge and with the 2x swords, which causes him to lag behind a bit - I tried the bul kathos swords but then he runs too far ahead - any experience to share?