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    Default Yo, Need a recommendation 4ele + pally or 5 shamans leveling 60-70 and first 70 grinds

    I got in multi boxing just a few weeks ago, but I've liked the idea so far. I've created core of my team as 4 shamans, and now I'm boosting them with lvl 70 mage.
    They are lvl 55-58 atm, my plan was going with 5 shamans, I'm doing software broadcasting and not too concerned about ban hama. My initial plan was getting 4 shamans to lvl 60-61 on mage shoulders ( doing LBRS or smth) and after either boost them in SP or just get 5th shaman, with buying boost for him for lvl 58. Tho what I'm afraid how 5 shamans with not best gear will perform in 60-61 dungeons, is it better to get 5th player as pala and get changed to 5 shamans latter? Not sure what's the right course of actions, so any recommendation would be much appreciated.
    My endgame plan is to be able to run some heroics, and have some decent clear speed.
    Thanks in advance)
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