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    Default Levelbuddy is still viable!

    Hi, guys!

    Several Levelbuddy users keep using it now. After a year from input software ban, they are still not banned!

    So using Levelbuddy executable is not a reason for ban. You can use it with caution. The same is true for Wow Switcher.

    Surely, the risk of ban still exists due to reports. But careful multiboxing is possible.

    The site is still - you are welcome!

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    Wait, what? Sorry, I am not that computer literate.

    So, to be clear, running 5 toons on one computer using level-buddy, in instances only where no one is around will still get you banned by being "detected" by Blizzard? Like it will be detected and then banned. Or are all bans for people running around in open world doing stupid things? Like I want to run Mythic plus by myself with tank, healer and 3 BM Hunters (or whatever) - Just running these and a few older raids in instances where I am the only person. Obviously need a broadcaster to do it correctly (like click A on Main and A goes to the other 4) and to have any chance at clearing. Doing this with Level-buddy still detectable and bannable with WoW? because as I read it, your post would insinuate I wont get banned. Again, I am pretty dumb IRL so bare with me.
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    It is still used by a number of Levelbuddy users. They are still not prohibited after a year of input software bans!

    As a result, utilizing the Levelbuddy executable is not grounds for a ban. It's safe to use, but proceed with caution. Wow Switcher is the same way.

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