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    I've been playing around with lotro(again) a bit. I'm curious how folks manage follow and assist. raids/multiple fellowships. its easy enough to target and pass through the fellowship leader with hotkeys but going outside of that is another can of worms.
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    I am using sequence bars plugin on all characters to set-up fairly complex rotations for each class I play. Unlike most games, Lotro gives access to combat state API's and the plugin hooks up into those (like tracking abilities cool-downs, block/parry conditions, debuffs, hp levels ets.) After setting those up the IsBoxer setup is really little more than sending mouse clicks to other windows, as the plugin makes sequence bar snap to mouse if you set it up properly. Here's the link if you wanna check it out As to follow and assist, you can key-bind those in-game, follow actually is very robust and long-distance. I also use IsBoxer's "Target {CHARACTERSET} Slot {SLOT}" feature to enable switching master.
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    How do you manage follow and assist with raids and/or multiple fellowships?
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    I don't, as I play my fixed fellowships, but if I would - I guess I would create hard-coded aliases on my ability bars (like /follow name and /assist name) and used those keys instead

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    pics and vids eventually?

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