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    Default Shaman Tank Wotlk Guide - Mastering WoW Wrath of the Lich King Classic as a Shaman Tank

    I'm Caperfin. Questions? see Shaman Tank Livestream:

    : Can Shamans tank? The short and to the point answer is, yes. You might be rubbing your eyes in disbelief of this answer. Maybe conjuring a ten page manifesto about how only warriors can and should tank. Although, I can go on a long rant about how there are many other classes that can tank, today, I’ll be focusing on our totemic friend, the shaman.

    When experienced players Shaman tank and put in the effort, it shines tenfold. Shamans can fully tank 5mans, 10mans, off-tank & main-tank raids. But, this is reliant on personal and guild experience. Our overall defensive statistics won't reach a warrior’s. However, it isn’t necessary to do so, to tank.

    You’ll be staring at your character for a long time. So, consider your character’s appearance as a key factor as it may entice you to play more. All races have benefits but they’re minor compared to other aspects. In skilled hands, a Troll's Berserking can save your life and improve threat. Tauren excel at dungeons followed just behind by Orc.

    Engineering for: Global Thermal Sapper Charge, Masterwork Target Dummy, Mind Amplification Dish, etc... It also helps if party engineers use Gnomish Battle Chicken since Battle Squawk stacks to 25%. Jewelcrafting for: Solid Dragon's Eye, Figurine Monarch Crab & Ruby Hare.

    Deal threat in many ways, notably: Frost Shock, Stormstrike & Lightning Shield. Install a threat tracking addon, ex: ThreatClassic2. Consumable items deal threat, ex: Powerful Rejuvenation Potion based on half of the Health & Mana gained, similarly does Totemic Recall. (see Threat List). Damage items, ex: The Decapitator's effect (usable t'ill 40yards), will deal threat equal to the damage so do reflective Buffs, ex: Thorns.

    Allies can reduce their threat, through items, ex: Fetish of the Sand Reaver. Mage have: Invisibility & Burning Soul. Warlock: Soulshatter. Paladin: Hand of Salvation & Hand of Protection (prevents aggro). Hunter & Rogue redirect threat: Misdirection and Tricks of the Trade. (see More) They can wipe threat: Vanish & Feign Death. Masterwork Target Dummy can "pseudo- Taunt" up t'ill a lvl72 elite mob. Classes in the 30-40 yard range won’t get aggro t'ill they surpass the threat level of the mob’s current target by 30%, as opposed to 10% for melee classes.

    Totems can't deal threat for you. Common totems: Strength of Earth Totem, Stoneskin Totem & Healing Stream Totem. AoE Tanking: Stoneclaw Totem followed by Fire Nova Totem & Earth Elemental Totem. In optimal raid situations, another shaman should put Healing Stream Totem, so we can cast high mana cost totems, ex: Fire Resistance Totem for Totemic Recall which deals threat.

    1. Defensive Talent Setup: (20/51/0).
    2. Defensive Talent Setup #2 : (0/50/21) Fast reflexes needed to make good use of Maelstrom Weapon + Healing Wave & Nature Swiftness. Only advised for a skilled Tank.

    1. PrePull: Cast Lightning Shield. Get all Buffs the group can supply. Cast Windfury Weapon. Place: Stoneskin Totem, Strength of Earth Totem, Healing Stream Totem & Flametongue Totem. Mark the mobs in front of you by right-clicking their portrait, pick Raid Target Icon, choose from either a Skull = kill first, a red X = kill second, a blue square = Hunter trap and a moon = Polymorph.
    2. Pulling: Cast Lightning Bolt Rank14, followed by as many Lightning Bolt Rank1 possible to trigger, Elemental Focus. At 25yards, Frost Shock.
    3. Melee Range: In a fight, use Frost Shock ranks that suits mana & threat, lastly Stormstrike if need be. If Lightning Shield expires, recast. If death is imminent, use 5 stacks of Maelstrom Weapon to Healing Wave yourself, equip a defensive weapon, ex: Cloudstrider's Waraxe, use: Runic Healing Potion, Shamanistic Rage, Feral Spirit & Fel Healthstone.

    Prioritize defensive Buffs, ex: Prayer of Fortitude before Threat Buffs, ex: Battle Shout. (see a detailed List of Buffs.)

    There's defensive Debuffs: Insect Swarm & threat Debuffs: Faerie Fire among others. See List of Debuffs. With the raid leader’s consent, suggest ideal Debuffs without overstepping.

    Solidify defensive stats when gearing, threat is second. The Resilience & Defense stat helps us reach the 5.6% Crit Immunity Cap, PvP gear helps, ex: Savage Gladiator's Linked Helm. General Stat Priority: Resil/Defense (t'ill Cap) > Stamina > Armor > Parry > Dodge. See the Gear List.
    There's two types of enchants, defensive, ex: Enchant Boots - Tuskarr's Vitality. And offensive, ex: Enchant Gloves - Threat. Here's a complete list of relevant Enchants.

    For dungeons: Destruction Warlock, Shadow Priest, Warrior DPS (if willing to Commanding Shout) otherwise Retribution Paladin, and Restoration Druid. With the raid leader’s consent, offer an ideal raid comp without overstepping. In our group, Paladins w/Divine Sacrifice are preferred alongside 1 Paladin tank or Warrior tank who uses Intervene wisely, preferably with Glyph of Intervene. To learn more, see the Group/Raid Comp List. Outside of group, for damage dealing classes, we prefer Hunters, Rogues and Retribution Paladins.

    Warden Discord:
    Shaman Tank Youtube:
    Shaman Tank Gameplay:

    Wotlk Shaman Tank

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    How does it compare with pallyx4shaman? Pro's vs Cons? Is it a lot to micromanage as a shaman tank? 1 shaman tank + 4 Elemental? 4x ToWrath help for aggro? Is it better then 5xEle for the tougher stuff?

    pretty thorough guide. i don't think i'd try shaman tank, myself, but i'm certainly curious as to what they plan to do with Demonology this time around. Metamorphosis Demo was some of the most fun i've ever had multiboxing.

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    There's a lot of synergy with other types of Shaman so it should work well.

    I'm not entirely familiar with Meta Demo, is it fun?

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