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    Default Lotro 15th year celebration. Log in for to get free rewards. Massive no joke. Ends May 11th

    Make sure to log in between 10:00 AM Eastern on April 20th and 3:00 AM Eastern on May 11th

    Louey7 did a review of the rewards if you want to watch it instead of reading

    There's a lot, but if you simply log in on any free to play level 2 character, you get

    • High Elf Race
    • Classes:
      • Rune-keeper
      • Warden
      • Beorning

    • ALL Quests, Instances, areas, and expansions released between April of 2007 and the release of Helm's Deep. Quest, craft, and explore your way to level 95! Includes:
      • Expansion Quests: Helm's Deep
      • Expansion Quests: Isengard
      • Expansion Quests: Mirkwood
      • Expansion Quests: Moria
      • Expansion Quests: Rohan
      • Instance Cluster: Isengard
      • Instance Cluster: Rohan
      • Instance: Halls of Night
      • Instance: Inn of the Forsaken
      • Quest Pack: Eriador Bundle
      • Quest Pack: Angmar
      • Quest Pack: Enedwaith
      • Quest Pack: Eregion
      • Quest Pack: Evendim
      • Quest Pack: Forochel
      • Quest Pack: Great River
      • Quest Pack: Lothlorien
      • Quest Pack: Misty Mountains
      • Quest Pack: North Downs
      • Quest Pack: Trollshaws
      • Quest Pack: Wildermore
      • Raid: Draigoch's Lair
      • Skirmish: Attack At Dawn
      • Skirmish: Defence of the Prancing Pony
      • Skirmish: Ford of Bruinen
      • Skirmish: Stand at Amon Sul
      • Skirmish: Storm on Methedras
      • Skirmish: Survival: Barrow-downs
      • Skirmish: The Icy Crevasse
      • Skirmish: Thievery and Mischief
      • NOTE: Eriador Bundle includes Quest Pack: Angmar, Quest Pack: Enedwaith, Quest Pack: Eregion, Quest Pack: Evendim, Quest Pack: Forochel, Quest Pack: Misty Mountains, Quest Pack: North Downs, and Quest Pack: Trollshaws.

    If you've never boxed this game, i suggest you give it a try. The world is massive and there's so much lore, it's great if you're the kind of boxer that likes to take their time and look around instead of rushing to end game and playing meta.

    Works wonderfully with IsBoxer.

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    Yeah, this is great news for anyone who wants to multibox this game, and I'm going to log in some accounts to grab the goods if at some point I want to try my hand at this game. I've dabbled in it briefly in the past, but never gave it much time.

    On a side note, there was even a custom tool made for Inner Space that allowed players to better manage their in-game band, which if anyone was interested in using, would have to ask on the ISBoxer Discord where the download link for that is, as I don't have it off-hand.
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    Boxed it on and off since like forever, taking my sweet time (currently at lvl130). If you use Lotro plugin called Sequence Bars - very easy to box via IsBoxer. The world is huge

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