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    Default Still using IsBoxer for Diablo 3, hopefully D4 too

    Just dropping a post here for anyone wondering since it's a blizzard game. Multiboxing Diablo games is still allowed and i'm using isboxer for s26, same as the previous seasons, works great.

    Hope nothing changes for Diablo 4, but seeing how Multiboxing botters overran Lost Ark, it's could be a problem similar to WoW and blizzard officially banning multiboxing across all their games.

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    I think wow got in trouble because players felt grieft by multiboxers. In diablo 3 there is no pvp and you're not taking loot from other players or anything... perhaps that is why we're still safe?. I think it will depend how pvp in D4 works and how unfair the advantage of multiboxers is perceived by the regular players... depending on that it will be tolerated or not.

    I hope they design the game so that multiboxers can just have their fun with it... without ruining other peoples fun. As long as their no complains we can go are merry multiboxing way.

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    Hopefully it will be allowed, but I saw some hate towards it already:
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    We will see multi-accounting no matter what from the Multi-Botters since many RMT sites will be able to profit off of the economy model. But maybe they will also force blizzard to change the trade system into something more like D3 and then nobody will care if we multibox.

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