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    Default Melee Hunter Guide - WoW Classic SoM Physical DPS Hunter Melee

    I'm Caperfin. Got questions? see my Livestream:
    Intro: Originally, hunters were designed to be played as a ranged class and the legitimacy of a hunter in the melee role was rarely considered. However, with a game that has been dissected for over a decade this dated notion has now been disregarded. It's crucial to remember your melee journey demands a large amount of effort for players to recognise. Painting yourself in the most positive light possible will have lasting results. See Video to learn more.

    Caperfin's Melee Hunter

    Being attentive and well mannered will have positive ripple effects later on. You want as much working for you as possible. If done properly, you’ll be known as not only a skilled Hunter but a proficient Melee Hunter who goes above and beyond expectations.

    Horde races have the benefit of Windfury Totem, thus the superior faction. The best races being Troll excelling on ~45 seconds fights due to Berserking & Orc with Blood Fury excelling on longer fights.

    A pet contributes a decent amount to our general damage. But, if you don’t cater to the survival of a pet it will be a detriment to your DPS. Therefore, it’s not only advised to move out of the “giant fire” on the ground but also manage the position of a pet. Those who master this notion, should consider investing into buffs for their pet. Cats are the optimal pet family for damage.

    Engineering for: Gnomish Battle Chicken, Goblin Sapper Charge, Goblin Jumper Cables XL among many other items. It also helps if party engineers use Gnomish Battle Chicken since Battle Squawk stacks to 25%. As a second profession, pick an easy or high gold generating one, this helps you buy powerful potions.

    Use the Buff Cap Calc to see what Buffs stack. Here's a list of Buffs and Debuffs that are relevant.

    Phantom of the Wing Clip
    The basic spell Wing Clip performs a “Phantom Strike”, which causes a melee swing but no actual damage is dealt but it will still trigger effects that require a melee swing to activate, ex: Windfury Totem among others.

    We gear similarly to a traditional ranged hunter. It’s possible to play as a ranged hunter and get Melee Hunter gear without anyone noticing. General Stat Priority: Dual-Wield Melee Hit Cap (16%) > Agility > Strength/Attack Power > Intellect. See Gear List. Enchants are tailored the same way as the gearing process. See the list of Enchants to learn more.

    • Short Fights: (31/0/21) Mostly for ~2min fights. It's crucial to keep you pet alive for as long as possible. If this is not feasible, consider the next setup. Going 31/0/21, if there's a 2nd Hunter in the group is the optimal setup for the most damage possible from a Melee Hunter.

    • Long Fights: (0/33/18) Mostly for fights above 2min. Great damage while also increasing party physical damage. Push the potential damage of this setup by being the hunter who pulls the boss.

    • Pre Pull: Use Aspect of the Monkey. But, if the fight has moments when you can't go in melee than instead use Aspect of the Hawk. If the fight requires attacking targets that have distance between each other use Aspect of the Cheetah to reach the next target faster.
    • Pulling: Call Pet and ask the Raid for the few remaining buffs.
      • You're Pulling: Aspect of the Hawk, Immolation Trap, Aimed Shot (if talented). Multi-Shot, Rapid Fire, Serpent Sting.
      • Not pulling/run in: Aspect of the Cheetah. Equip a weapon with a lot of +Spell damage and start running in along side other melee, cast Serpent Sting & Arcane shot. Immediately after swap to your normal weapons.

    • Combat: The mob is now in melee range, use Raptor Strike while pressing Wing Clip. Use a trinket, ex: Earthstrike. Spam WC until RS comes of cooldown. Continuously repeat the WC & RS process.
      • Combat-Situational: If you accidentally Aggro a target and it’s about to attack you. Use the talent spell Deterrence to enable the possibility to Mongoose Bite, after use Limited Invulnerability Potion (cancels Aggro), after help the tank reposition the mob and go behind its back.


    Melee Hunter LIVESTREAM:
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    Other Guide: Shaman Tank

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