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    Default Diablo 2 Resurrected Multiboxing - does it get any better than this?

    Genuine question, does ISBoxer or AHK offer a better mullti-boxing experience - measured perhaps by killing efficiency?

    I have a Paladin with (Conviction/Cleansing) Lawbringer Sanctuary and Merc with Meditation + Prayer.
    Following an 'Unkillable Abbot' guide, working my way towards high PDR/MDR/Res/Absorbs

    Controlling it on laptop using controller, I can move it around 1:1 as I watch it on my main monitor (better than mouse!) - also I have access to potions, merc potions and can change aura and use zeal (decrepify for bosses) - without having to reach for the laptop.

    On the PC I have a lightning Trapsin with Shadow Master and freeze aura merc.

    Mouse in right hand, controller in left - I can move them independently and simultaneously whilst just looking at my main monitor.

    The only trouble is the laptop will just about manage classic mode, loading times can be long. I used ISBoxer for years with WOW and Diablo 3. Mouse broadcasting is typical and using the terrain to regroup, maybe.. but that doesn't sound any better than what I'm doing.

    So if you have any better setups, I'd be interested to know! Maybe I'll end up with 4-5 accounts sigh..

    (Oh I suspect a decent trapsin with infinity merc will be more streamlined than what I'm doing.. I just can't afford it yet)
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