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    Default Lost Ark - First Dungeon - Toxiclaw Cavern

    This is the first dungeon in Lost Ark on their beta, game is coming out in a few months.

    After watching some streams and Twitch I was a bit apprehensive on this game and how it would play/perform. But I am very happy with the results. It's very fluid and as you can see on the boss fight at the end - you're even able to do mechanics with your whole team as they stay together well.

    Interacting with targets and doing quests is also fairly easy as you can just hit your "G" key anywhere near an NPC or object.
    there is also an auto looting pet, which takes care of potentially missing anything important.

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    They are shooting for Q1 of 2022 which is a range of Jan 1st-March 31st.
    It looks to be Free to Play, so low cost of entry to give it a shot.
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    Which software did he use for multibox? Cant find Lost Ark on IS Boxer?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Saylo View Post
    Which software did he use for multibox? Cant find Lost Ark on IS Boxer?
    Hardware multiboxing, not software.
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