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    Im on Dreadnought EU, alliance favored but lots of good world pvp there which is the only reason Im still playing this

    atleast battlegrounds seem to be less infested by bots and from what Ive heard on our ranking discord people got 7 day bans for leeching AV so thats some good news

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kruschpakx4 View Post
    ... off topic: its kind of embarassing to look at dire maul east /who and see nothing but farmbots with same names likely multiboxer bots ect...theres nothing ever that will get rid of bots in this game but most importantly the handful of people who took multiboxing serious got fucked over
    Listened to this recent video that a current SoM bot fighter put together about why Blizzard actually wants bots & may think some players may want bots:

    I did a search and I think this is the reddit that was referenced in the video that included input from of the original founders of WowHead (Tim Sullivan) that agrees with that video:
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    I am playing 5 hunters in Classic SoM and it is more fun than I expected. It is hilarious chaos sometimes, the burst damage is amazing and the 5 pets allow you schredding through everything. I want to farm the open areas with the elte mobs asap. Should be easy I guess.

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