Since we just got this section, wanted to have a post basically saying if you are looking for a game to replace WoW. This is as close as it'll get to it.

At this time I've been on it for a good 3 months if not more and still having a blast.
To note, it's a bit difficult getting your accounts made and finally getting into the game, but once your in. You're in.
Their Trial mode is very generous as well. You get the base game + the first expansion for free and that is unlimited, this also includes no sub fee. So technically trying out this game, you only need to pay for 1 sub if you're playing 4 (typically party size) compared to others where you have to buy a lot to get into it. The reason for subbing on one is that you can't invite other players to a group as a free trial.

On that note as well, the game is fun from the beginning to the end and there is no "rush" to get to end game, so you won't feel like your missing out. The base game and first expansion even if you try to blow through it as fast as possible is still a 2+ month adventure and realistically can be 6 months depending on your playtime. There is a ton of content, and being able to switch classes on a whim without having to make a new character keeps you entertained.

Overall, the game has hit a really high note for a lot of players, and for a multiboxer it's the next best choice.