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    Default Zereketh the Unbound N Arcatraz

    Im stuck on this boss with druid tank, mage, lock, hunter and priest. Any strategy for him? TY

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    Hi Drubro,

    Are you using any software or hardware for coordinated movement? If not, below is what I did. He is super tough by the way.

    1. Tank against the wall so knockback is taken out of the picture.
    2. Shadow protection of course from priest, not sure how much it helps with the void circles.
    3. Spread team out around him.
    4. Move asap when the void circles popup. They are death after a couple of seconds.
    5. If you have Drums of Battle on your Hunter or any character, use them.
    6. Doing this guy with a Shaman (every boss for that matter) with Heroism/Bloodlust makes things easier.
    7. Hunter groups do really well too with the auto fire.

    What is your dps with the mage, lock and hunter? Are you hitting 1K+ with them?

    We are doing it later. I'll try to capture it.
    Pally, mage, druid, priest and shaman on Staghelm.

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