Anyone still playing TBC? : ) We're still going and doing heroics now with a few different teams. No software or hardware assistance. You get used to the mouse rollover after a while.

For some reason the Hunter DPS is low. I am somewhere around 1K and it falls over time. The hunters are all BM spec. Even the 1:1 ratio of auto, steady with a multi thrown in once in a while is not getting anywhere near the shamans, mages or warlocks.

Does anyone have a decent Hunter macro for TBC they are using? There isn't much to it, but after trying several macros, several manual attempts, I think I am missing something.

I know to avoid clipping, have seen all the rotations and they have ok gear at this point. 4 Piece Beast Lord and the 3 piece epic leather set, plus the bis pre-raid blues with the epic gun from Honor Hold.

If someone has a simple BM hunter macro that is working for dps, please post it here.