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    Quote Originally Posted by vollekanne View Post
    Hi guys.

    i want to know if anyone tried VMware Workstation 16.x ?
    The v16 have DirectX 11 support if u use the latest VMware tools, so i think its possible to run x clients on one Computer.

    Im going to try it tomorrow for start.
    D2R runs in DirectX 12.

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    The best solution I have found so far is to run the second account on my laptop and remote access it on my other monitor. Teamviewer seems to be the client with the least frame drop for this in my experience. I was unable to find any VM that support Direct X12 3D acceleration, so it seems that for any VM solution, while it may launch, the game would run extremely laggy as it would not be able to fully (or at all) utilize your graphics card.

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    Hello everybody,

    I have checked it with both VMWare Workstaiton 15.5.6 and 16.1.2
    16.1.2 build-17966106

    Unfortunately it doesnt work.
    After the installation of the game is completed and you press "play" it shows this message.
    "Failed to initialize graphics device. Please ensure your PC meets the minimum system requirements and your drivers are up to date."
    I did a research about this and the main problem is that it is not possible to passthrough any PCIe device (or GPU) to your VMware Workstation.
    The only VMware product which has PCI passthrough capability is vSphere/ESXi. ESXi can be installed only on server OS.
    If you try to setup VMWare with a Windows Server (Guest) and into this guest setup vShpere/ESXi it goes too far.
    Considering the problem with the VMWare workstation PCIe passthrough you will get the same results.
    Another possible solution could be Hyper-V because it can be installed into Windows 10 Pro and it also supports PCIe passthrough BUT again based on what i have found so far, during the configuration of a new VM into Hyper-V at some point you have to "...disassociate the device from the host OS and then associate it with the VM"
    device = HOST Graphics or GPU
    Source: https://searchvirtualdesktop.techtar...p-with-Hyper-V
    So if i associate my graphics (GTX1060) to VM into Hyper-V then i will have problem with the D2R that i want to run in host machine. I GUESS
    PFFFFF LOST all my Saturday trying to find solution on this.
    Tilted as hell.
    Last thing before i throw my whole setup from the window i did 30mins meditation and then i took a laptop... to run my second D2R box.
    GL to everybody and IF anybody find a solution which doesnt need second machine please do let us know here.

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    I would just like to say that this thread is incredibly amusing.
    Do not send me a PM if what you want to talk about isn't absolutely private.
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    Blizzard system specs only say u need a directx GPU but not dx11 or dx12 at all.

    I tried vmware util latest v16.x but vmware do not run DX12.

    Its possible to run dx12 on vmware ESXI but u need a second GPU and config pci passthrough to run the GPU direct in the vm.
    This let u install the GPU like a real GPU in the vm.

    I tried run two battlent instances on two windows guests that have no acces to each other installations but battlent detect it when u try to run a second client.

    Now i run a second client on a notebook using AnyDesk.

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    Hi Kaynin,

    Thank you so much for posting your AHK scripts and process. I am trying to do the same on D2R but I am struggling with your screen resolution formula. My main screen is 2560x1440 and my laptop screen is 1920x1080. I understand that you use "8 * (xpos / 3)" to convert the cursor location from main to secondary screen, but how do I figure out the code for my resolution to do the same?

    EDIT: I managed to figure it out at 8 / 6 and 6 / 8. However, on my main screen, box 2 does not react. And when I click on Box 2 screen, my main screen moves but Box 2 does not. Not sure where I went wrong here.

    Kind regards,
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