I've been playing EQ on the TAKP server and using HotKeyNet for a while and when I try to play on a different server with a different launch window I am getting these errors below. I changed the run command and it loads the game window, so I was thinking it might be the wait time but after changing it to 5000 it's still giving me the same error. I am guessing it is not recognizing the new launch window but I don't know how to change it to recognize it. I am new to this coding as a friend helped me script it the first time. Hoping it is a simple change. Thanks in advance for any help!

From this pc: <Run ".\backupINI.bat"><Wait 5000><Run ".\Launch Titanium.bat" "/title:MONK /ticket:username/password"><Wait 10000><TargetWin "MONK"><SetForegroundWin><Wait 1000><SetWinRect 0 0 1920 1080>
<Run ".\backupINI.bat"> failed: Operating system CreateProcess function failed; Windows reports system error 2, "The system cannot find the file specified."
<Wait 5000> completed: 5000 milliseconds
<Run ".\Launch Titanium.bat" "/title:MONK /ticket:username/password"> completed: Program started.. Window could not be found
<Wait 10000> completed: 10000 milliseconds

<TargetWin "MONK"> failed: Could not find window "MONK"
<SetForegroundWin> failed: No window is targeted.

<Wait 1000> completed: 1000 milliseconds
<SetWinRect 0 0 1920 1080> failed: No window is targeted

Here is the script for this command error:

<Hotkey RCtrl F9>
<SendPC local>
<Run ".\backupINI.bat">
<Wait 1000>
//#Launch Titanium.bat /title:Client3 /ticket:username1/\t< nosound.txt
<Run ".\Launch Titanium.bat" "/title:MONK /ticket:username/password">
<Wait 1000>
<TargetWin "MONK">
<Wait 100>
<SetWinRect 0 0 1920 1080>