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    I tried a few different window setups and this worked best for me. Long term it's easier on the wrist to move left to right for dps, versus up and down. I wish it all magically fit on the screen nice (I know I can change resolutions), however, like everything, you get used to it pretty quickly. Now that I've been doing it for a few months, it is of course harder, but not as bad as I thought it would be.

    Even though their boxed dps is lower than the other teams, there are some Heroics that are way easier with Hunters. Defintley keep them.

    Arctraz final boss is much more doable with hunters, as he seems to focus more on the pets with his mind control and fear. Make sure to use snake traps too, they count as pets for him to attack. On a good run, the team is barely touched as he focuses all the pain on the pets.

    Auchenai Crypts second boss, Shirrak The Deadwatcher is just about impossible now with casters becuase of the stacking debuff that slows casting speed. The hunter team made this much easier. I couldn't do it with all casters. I ended up skipping him with the caster group by running past and reincarnating with the Shaman.

    Shadow Labs is another one. Second boss was easier with Hunters. One trick is to lay Freezing Traps at the start. Then when he mind controls everyone they trap people for a few valuable seconds. When playing mages for this boss, their burst dps kills everyone or gets them all very low on health when he mind controls. Shamans aren't much better.

    One last thought on Hunters. Since we are doing everything manually one screen at a time now, the auto shot of Hunters helps get bosses and trash down. With mages and Shamans, you need to constnalty be pressing their attack macros. There are times where I am focused on healing and staying alive and the caster teams are not getting attacks off, where the Hunters would still be attacking, at least with auto shot.

    I'll start recording a little more and posting here. Good luck, keep posting progress. It's fun to know there are a few of us left.

    Any chance you could get a Windows machine? They are pretty cheap now and you can run 5 clients easily on a decently priced machine.
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    Pally, mage, druid, priest and shaman on Staghelm.

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    Thanks Teslah & simpletom for the good conversations and I am glad some folk are still boxing.

    Teslah, I subscribed to your YouTube channel and enjoyed the video. Looking forward to more!

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    Are you using a steady shot macro for the hunter? I went away from using steady shot because of how awkward it is trying to time it so that there's no clipping.

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    Quote Originally Posted by simpletom View Post
    So I'm running Bear Druid, BM Hunter, BM Hunter, BM Hunter and Resto Shaman.
    Have you considered replacing the resto shaman for a resto druid? the heal over time effects are more easier to manage just place hots and forget rather than having the resto shaman target/click and having to pay attention to HP. Basically, resto druid helps with current AND future damage the target might receive.

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