Hi, I am looking to dabble in dual-boxing long term. I ran into a guildie who levels with two seperate accounts, one of which is his wife's. It really interested and I am considering dual boxing to have the utility of 2 accounts and the time saving/ease of leveling for certain classes.

However, in planning the beginnings of my dual box journey, I am having a hard time seperating the classes between the 2 accounts

I would eventually like to all classes to 70 throughout TBC. I am trying to figure out which classes synergize best as a duo and how to split those classes among the 2 accounts. This is what I have as a tenative roster:

Account 1:
Hunter - Already 70 an nearly BIS, my main for TBC
Paladin (Prot/Holy) - boosted, will likely level this solo first before any duoing, I expect it to be my main alt
Shaman - Paired with Warrior
Rogue - Paired with Druid
Priest - Paired with Warlock

Account 2:
Mage -Likely boosted, unsure tho. Would like to keep seperate from Paladin as I expect I would want to play them together. Also ports and food for mains.
Warrior - Paired with Shaman, double melee, windfury, heals, rez, great synergy
Druid - Paired with Rouge for stealth fun
Warlock - Paired with SPriest, shadoweaving synergy

I think this loadout makes the most sense. Each account has one of each of the trinity (Tank, Healer, DPS). Not sure what other factors I need to consider when making this split.

So what do you guys think? Would love to see what account loadouts you all have run in Classic and will be running in TBC. Open to any and all suggestions and discussion.