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    Default Palace of the Dead - fun multiboxing challenge

    I wanted to start breaking down the different floors to the super fun dungeon that is extremely multiboxing .. friendly if you will.
    The biggest benefit for this is that it doesn't require any specific composition to run it. You don't need a tank or a healer ( they help! ) but it's not required. It's a Rogue Lite dungeon, and every floor is always different. If your thinking WoW comparison, this would be Torghast but the floors are actually random.

    So far I've done it the traditional route but this content is repeatable and gives really good experience. On top of that, it allows you to play jobs that are lvl 60 with all of their abilities/spells unlocked, so you can also use this to sort of "test" out comps.

    Once you beat floor level 50, you can always start at lvl 51 with a new team without having to go back to floor 1. On this foor you will start at level 60.
    Additionally gear is not factored into the setup.

    To cap it all off, this boss will be your most likely first challenge, wanted to give a video on her and the mechanics can get messy fast.

    There is a common mechanic it seems in Final where you need to look away from the mob to dodge the effect. This can be easily done using Legacy Mode in character configuration, it will allow you to run backwards instead of backpedaling if you use the backwards key. Typically "s". I have been toggling it back and forth though and it does come with some side effects for other movement concerns. For this fight in particular it helps a ton.
    Otherwise another tactic is to turn on mouse broadcast, spin your characters 180, and turn it off. Just simply hitting S though felt a lot easier.
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    That looks like so much fun. Machinists look strong for boxing, sorta like BM hunter. This game is heavy on the GPU, i'm gonna need to upgrade before i get to 60. If that can be done without a tank, i'd like to see you run it with 3x Machinists or 4x

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    I've been able to further optimize my layout even since this video and am pumping much better DPS. Machinist is pretty good for our BM Hunter style. I was hoping Summoner would be similar because it has a pet, but it hasn't parsed the same kind of numbers yet.

    I've gotten up to Floor 120 so far, but my dps/gear for this dungeon is a little low. You need to work up the Aetherpool arm and armor, it goes up to 99, which I'm getting close to now and should make the whole thing much more enjoyable.
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    I dont mean to bother you, but can you elaborate more on Palace of the Dead?
    What's the minimum level we can enter? Is the only level requirement a level 17 quest completed?
    Do we not use our own gear? It looks like there's specific template gear for PotD that you level up inside.
    Do the floor maps randomize like in Diablo 2?
    Does it always scale you to level 60 throughout?
    How high can we go as far as experience grinding? Minimum to maximum levels?
    I read somewhere it's best for leveling secondary jobs from 1-60.
    It looks very boxer friendly and fun, i'm hoping it's a very useful system for boxers.
    If you spoken about this on stream recently, i apologize i have been busy the last few days, but i'm trying to catch up on your youtube channel right now.
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    I'm still fuzzy on some of the details, but yes the requirement to get in is lvl 17 and one of the first dungeons completed in the main storyline quest.
    You want to stick with the main storyline because it is what unlocks everything in the game for you, from dungeons to trials/raids. It also gives a boatload of EXP.
    You don't use your gear in it, which makes it nice to not have to worry about that. It's basically mimicking a rogue lite type of dungeon. You have 2 stats that carry over, even if you start over on floor 1 or keep progressing which is aetherpool, one is Arm for Attack the other is Armor for defense. this starts at lvl 1 and when you find silver chests in the dungeons, they have a chance to give you +1 to either of these. It goes up to +99 total for each and makes your character definitely stronger.
    Floor 1 starts at lvl 1 and you level up very quickly, they are not related to your actual level outside of the dungeon.
    If you start at Floor 51, you'll always be lvl 60 and that is the cap for the dungeon, the subsequent floors just get harder in terms of mob health and damage.
    The floors are always randomized just like diablo 2, which is awesome.
    I think you can exp grind this to max level if you wanted to. You only get exp if you finish the chunk of floors, it's broken into 10 floor per chunk. So if you make it to floor 10 and wipe on the boss, or floor 9 and wipe, you get nothing, but if you beat floor 10, that chunk is done and you are rewarded with currency and experience and sometimes loot if you found hidden chests in there.
    It's probably very good for grinding 1-60, at 60+ there is another deep dungeon just like it called heaven on high, which is for lvl 60-70. Like anything though if you grind it too much, it can be a burn out so I'd say do it in moderation.

    It is extremely boxer friendly because it will allow you to try any comp, you don;t have to have a tank or a healer for this dungeon. It allows 4 dps if you want and you can still succeed. It also lets you try a new class without having leveled it up, and experience it at lvl 60 to see if it works well. It's almost similar to maybe making a trial account in WoW with the lvl 100 boost, just so you can see if the character is good or not.

    Overall it's been fun!

    Also!! I just finished Floor lvl 170, only 3 more chunks to go and complete. I think the bosses on Floor 180 and 190 may be a little tough but we'll see!
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