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    Probably late to the party, but there is a 60% sale on, so all expansions are about $23 in my country. I purchased on my main, and then the others. I then used my main account to generate their ‘Recruit a Friend’ codes for each slave account, When I do start paying the subs, as I get 30 free days as part of the collection purchase, the accounts get some booties.

    I used a seperate email for each account. You can also sub on your main account, and use that account to invite your slaves to the party for dungeons if you want to make the most of the free trials, but you may miss the discount at the moment, sorry, can’t remember when it finishes, Make sure you purchase from the store and not steam, or all other purchases must be via steam in the future.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jak3676 View Post
    So is this where people are ending up at? I miss boxing. If 5 was the magic number for WoW, is it 4 or 8 for FF14? Other than the account stuff I see above, anything I need to know before jumping in? Particular realm to go to (or to avoid)?
    Party size in FFXIV is 8, but there is also a "light party" which is 4. Look into it more if you like to mass box, but the general party size for people who did 5 in WoW would be a light party of 4. I see Ellay taking his 4 into 8man instances, the other 4 players being randoms.

    Between hardware boxing, software boxing and whatever else we came up with toward the end of the boxing days on WoW - what is the preferred method for boxing FF14?
    ISBoxer 1000%. The game is very GPA heavy though, you may want to split your clients if you have extra hardware. I'm not tech savvy, so maybe Ellay or someone could give more insight on the best way to setup.

    I picked up my old Diablo II for a month or so - surprised to see a small community still playing. (I think a month is about the gameplay that D2 is worth before you get in to trying to see how many times you can do the same thing over and over every 5 min for your entire gaming session). I don't really recommend trying to box D2. Its all botted to death anyway, and there's not much benefit of boxing even if you do get it working (no follow command, so its all keyboard sync and running into corners every min or two to stay grouped).
    OT: I boxed D3 heavily for some time, and i found that there's no point to boxing it in the end. The best method is owning 4 clients and leaving 3 afk in town while you clear Rifts with your main client. It's is faster then 4boxing it due the trouble of syncing your characters, and while they sat in town the whole time they are still able to port and loot the Boss when it's dead, and then you can loot share that way getting your main in really good gear.

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