Can Anyone please help me with this HotKeyNet problem.I play DAOC and wen i press my defined hotkey i want it to set all my hotbars to page #1.
The first 3 lines part works fine and can get it to do other things just can't get it to switch pages.
It has to do with adding a modifier and have tried different variations with no success.
i cant figure out how to make it Hold down when i press my hotkey
Shift + 1
Shift + Alt + 1
Shift + Ctrl + 1

<hotkey Rwin>
<sendpc local>
<SendwinSF daoc1>
<Key Shift 1> //Switches to 1st page on Hotbar 1
<Wait 10>
<Key Shift Alt 1> //Switches to 1st page on Hotbar 2
<Wait 10>
<Key Shift Ctrl 1> //Swtiches to 1st Page on Hotbar 3