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    Quote Originally Posted by TheMias View Post
    I curse the Slave Pens dungeon, for no reason but that it has been a really simple clear that I was grinding to get to 68.

    Main issues you will run into are Horror effects, Fear effects, and MC.

    The Horror effects cannot be removed afaik, but the creatures that do it die quickly and the effect is ST.

    For fears, I just used tremor totems to remove it after a tick. Keep the Champions away from the rest of your group though if you are running a tank, the range is limited.

    For MC you can remove it but best to just burn down that creature asap.

    I'll note that there is not a single group where you have more than one of these three effects present.
    The above are some examples of why I liked Paladin4Shaman for 5boxers back in original TBC as between Tremor Totems, Grounding Totems, Guardians, & Chain Healing/Lightning you have lots of Artificial Intelligence (AI) helping you with mechanics... Just great that on each tic debuffs are auto-cleared for you, bad spells are automatically redirected, heals bounce where needed most, & you can summon multiple extra temporary/stationary tanks for hard encounters...

    Personally due to the not wanting to level up a group of Shaman and not wanting to play any team that has to spam for DPS (as I don't want to look like I may be input broadcasting) I plan to focus on an AoE team but Paladin4S does have some benefits for sure.

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    I've found that I really don't need to spam much for my shamans DPS. With the abundance of critical strike gear and 3-4 ToW they almost always are critting and procing additional bolts, so I spend more time on the tank or on the shaman positioning.

    I can see how AoE teams really rock right now in normal dungeons, and almost wish I had gone that route; however I'm not sure yet of their viability in heroics.

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