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    Default Pushing new Shaman/Paladin to 60 ASAP.

    I have a loose plan for getting my pally to 60 asap. I was hoping for a 4 week prepatch but we get 2, so that's what we've got to work with, right?

    I have watched a lot of the prepatch videos that are floating around and a few of things really stand out to me:

    1) XP to Level has been reduced significantly. We all knew that was coming, so it's good that it's confirmed on the PTS.

    2) Quest XP has been increased significantly. This one is the biggie for me.

    3) Mage boosting is still doable, although different and maybe not quite as efficient. (I'm Horde so no pally to boost with.)

    4) Hunter pet tagging WORKS! (I assume warlock does, too.) Requires another toon to be grouped with the low level and in the same zone yet OUT OF RANGE for xp gains. If you just tag mobs and let a hunter pet kill it, you don't get full XP if you're solo. Gotta have that second toon in group and out of range.

    I had considered mage boosting myself (I have a MMMMPr team so I could do it) but it's so boring.

    Given the increase in quest XP, I am planning to use the hunter boost as a major part of my leveling.

    1) I will grab every quest from I can and just go nuts tagging with the paladin and letting the pet kill everything. Should zoom through quests (inasmuch as player volume allows for kills, etc.)

    2) During long-run phases between objectives, I'll quickly group the pally and hunter and use aspect of the pack for speed increase.

    3) After all quests/chains for a given dungeon in my level range are gathered, I'll switch to a mage and power the paladin through each instance once in order to complete all quests.

    4) If I decide to do some mass open world grinding, I'll find a hyperspawn and use my restodruid to heal the pally as he grinds.

    5) Once the paladin is high enough level to do some of the major instance grinds (ZG kite farm, etc) I'll give those a go. If it works, the leveling should be extremely fast. If I struggle with it, I'll continue questing. I know a certain type of gear is preferred for this method so if I'm unable to put a set together from the AH in time, this may not work.

    6) At 58, my pally will join my boosted lock and quest/grind to 60.

    7) At 60, my pally will take his rightful place at the head of my new PaLLMPr group and we will jump into Hellfire instances!

    I doubt I'll worry much about any mid 50's dungeon grinding that I'd otherwise do (BRD, etc) and push straight to 60. If I make it before the portal opens, I'll try to grab a few pieces of gear from pickup raids. If I'm late getting to 60, maybe there will be some Outland greens on the AH to make life easier moving into Hellfire.

    I feel pretty good about this path. Maybe boosting myself on mage would be faster, but I feel it'll be a much more enjoyable experience leveling in the open world since so much of this toon's time will be spent in dungeons/avoiding contact with would-be reporters.

    Any advice on enhancing this or other ideas I may have missed is definitely appreciated!

    Source for updated PTR info. Could always change, of course:

    WoW Classic - 15 TBC Prepatch Updates You Need To Know for TBC Classic! - YouTube

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    Yes both pet tag boosting and Mage boosting still work (with some less efficiency on the Mage side but still really good).

    The fastest method if not contested for a 5boxer, at least at the low to mid-levels, is likely pet tag boosting by 3Hunters_with_pets+2alts (or 3Warlocks_with_pets). That requires being in the Open World and with all the multiboxing hate out there I am not sure that is wise...

    Note that pet tagging boosting does require 2 alts in the boosting party but they can both be in range (they split XP). You only need to do the graveyard approach on the 2nd alt if you want to feed the XP to only 1 alt. If doing multiple alts you may actually be better served to have a larger party (assuming they get group XP which will need to be verified as my memory is not 100% clear on that)...

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    The fastest otherwise and less boring for you may be to just pay some mage to boost you if you have the extra gold to fund that... You can set a timer and/or just watch for discord DMs (or check back periodically) for instance resets and do something else with your time...

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