So after policy change, I am still planning to go into tbc with 5m setup, with restrictions .. No software or hardware Multiboxing, just 5 windows with addon supporting follow etc, so as long as follow is in the game I am gonna do that.
I will try to "hide" as much as possible but for sure there will be a time to expose myslf and get reports which in the end might lead to ban as what is behind wording "streamline" in policy update is enigma to me and basically they can do whatever and whenever they want. But thats not the topic.

Aim is to do heroic dungeons and only that, no raiding, just gear from dungeons / hc dungeons and badges.
Considering window switching and making actions in each window, are heroics feasibile? My main focus going to be mouseover clients and scroll. Of course there are limitations to basicaly 2 actions: scroll up and scroll down with possbile macros to castsequences etc + any standard binding but significantly slowing efficiency.

1. Do you think, based on such setup, heroic dungeons will be feasibile?

2. I have 2 options to go as a char setup, prot pala + 4x shaman or 2nd team prot pala + h priest + 2x mage + lock, which option considering all limitiations will be better?

My idea is to go with pala +4x shaman as it seems to be easier to bind more things as sequences under focus scroll macros etc, but I will miss some utilities coming from priest / mages and lock.
In the end, I want to have faster clear times. Probably shamans will be faster killers, but overall performance is under question mark.

I would be glad to get any feedback from your side