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    I dont think it matters much what you try and do - if it looks like you are multiboxing and players report you for it, Blizzard is just gonna ban you anyway. I see this as a way for them to ban multiboxers without needing to investigate if they're actually breaking any rules. If it looks like a duck and quacks like a duck... I'm not saying its okay, but this will let them blanket ban anyone who gets reported for multibox. All they have to do is check if you are controlling multiple characters to see if the report is accurate.

    I think its because they havent been able to ban these multiboxing bots properly. They cant detect the bot (apparantly), but they can detect if you are running multiple characters by the help of player reports. I mean it doesnt really go unnoticed when 5+ characters are running around in the world, and thats what they are betting on to combat the bots.

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    it does nothing to stop bots. Most bots I come across are solo with obvious pathing giveaways. This is just to appease the mob. Ill play until they ban me(which is an original wow beta account) and then i will be done with the game.

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    Quote Originally Posted by coupdog View Post
    Guys have they banned JOE multiboxer now then?
    They didn't say, so how are we to know what they are banning for exactly? Again, my interpretation is that they were already banning for the behaviors they wanted to ban for. They say multiboxing is allowed. There's no specific reason to believe that they banned Joe Multiboxer yet, but it is unclear what they mean by "streamline in any way", it could literally mean anything.

    I will continue to use and develop Joe Multiboxer under the current policy. However, I would advise not using Round-Robin, as that would seem to fall under "streamlining".
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    I'm just using various unknown software to rename windows, align them next to each other and turn on/off activate window on hover Windows setting without rebooting. I just cancelled my accounts, as the word streamline is so vague that there's no way to know if you are within the rules. In vanilla I used to have two computers and would control a healer on follow with a dedicated numpad. For me even that solution could be categorized as "streamline multi-boxing in any way".

    I might activate an account to try TBC, but they aren't getting any extra subscription money from my end before they clarify their statement.

    I hope more people are cancelling subscriptions and giving feedback about the vague rule change they are incorporating here. I really feel we deserve something more concrete to go by.

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    I assume you will not be banned if you don't box in open world and don't have all your toons in the same spot in a city etc. --> "undercover dungeon boxing"
    I think to be reported by other players is the biggest threat...

    But ofc this is also against TOS

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    The company is devoid of any shits given about its players and clearly Multiboxers are no longer welcome.
    Personally will continue using WOB in RR and if/when i get the ban im done with Activision and Blizzard perma after 17 years and thousands Ill be glad to kick the habit.

    Bobby has achieved what he set out to in the personal finance dept, and somehow Acti Blizz is showing stronger stock price than ever despite the open rape of the industry and IP's.

    It's laughable how you see so much shill/ white knight love for Wow on the forums, though Im starting to suspect its actually an AI forum bot running in the background at this point.

    Its not been a games company for a long time.

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    Sorry about hearing this.

    Personally i unsubbed back in nov 2020. Before i left i suggested on the official forums if multiboxers could get their own "locked, seperate realms" to play on atleast...(cant transfere characters/guildbanks to/from them, disable pvp + monthly subs has to be paid for by real money, max 1 tag per herb/node, disable shop so you cant buy gold coin).. seems they still dont want that money... how lazy are these people at Blizzard... how hard can it be to setup.... and to setup warden so that it allows certain softwares + you are playing on a multiboxing realm = do not get banned... baffling stuff for sure.

    Since november ive now pretty much completed the content in guild wars 2, rift and final fantasy 14 online... just bought starter edition of the elder scrolls online.

    Blizzard, you reading this? = If you want more money, enable a seperate multiboxing realm(s)... and allow key broadcasting back to what it used to be, obviously, before the late 2020 change appeared.

    "Botting is widespread and absolutely destroying the economy on every server, but at least now those 0.01%?.
    of actual multiboxers that was farming are going to be banned" ..../mindblown
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    Quote Originally Posted by Generalbrock View Post
    Blizzard can go fuck themselves. I bought a new PC for Shadowlands, only for input software boxing to be banned. Then I decided to not waste the new gaming rig and all my accounts, so I bought hardware broadcasters. Now they've banned the hardware.

    Blizzard is a shit company now, doing all sorts of anti-player stuff. They keep moving the goal posts after we've spent our money. I seriously hope this company dies with all their bullshit.
    now? whats this now stuff? Blizzard became shit the day they merged with Activision, and I've been the "told you so" guy ever since. 2013 was the appropriate time to get off the bandwagon.
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    Quote Originally Posted by WOWBOX40 View Post
    Why are they going to jump through all those hoops to support a vast minority of their population? Getting the classic server in the first place was pulling teeth... add the massive amount of people who started using multiboxing to farm mats en masse and you've got the straw that broke the camel's back. Its purely an appeasement move, and someone has to get thrown under the bus.
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    Quote Originally Posted by coupdog View Post
    hey guys i use JOE multiboxer , am i not able to use it anymore due to this ?
    As far as JOE does not count as "streamlining" :-) you can use it.

    No one can tell you now because Blizz created a mystic word like "streamlining" and now they can ban everyone they want .
    If they don't like your actions ingame or if someone has reported you - they can ban you.

    "Streamlining" is Blizzards masterpiece and a ban wildcard!

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