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Thread: I'm back!

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    Default I'm back!

    After CCP reversing my unfair ban, I'm back to playing EVE. I can't use the alts yet, but I'll still be playing and in the ISBoxer Tavern channel if you want to swing by or have questions.
    Wanna earn your customer's respect? Go to bat for them. Defend them and what they do. Don't roll over on command, and don't punish them for being human beings. And no, this ain't aimed at CCP.

    Keep pretending you care about EVE ISBoxers and not just their money, Lax.

    Come hang out with us in the channel "Isboxers Lounge" and discuss fittings, doctrines, or just shoot the breeze. Unlike the forums, we won't ban you for what you say. IGN: "AayJay Crendraven" and "Nolak Ataru".

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    Welcome back. I guess its always true that you never quit... you just take a break.
    EVE Online Get Ships. Train Skills.

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    What did they ban you for? Also welcome back.

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