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    Lightbulb Easy 5box Tankadin Planning

    In case it helps others I wanted to share plans for a new Protection Paladin (like a fresh 60 Blood Elf or new 58 boost Alliance) to be "Karazhan raid ready" with no crafted gear, no Classic Raid drops, no TBC Heroic gear Drops, nor any Exalted Reps. Unbuffed goals include being boss-uncrushable, uncritable, not 2-shot-able, & Good Threat for Bosses (102.4%+ avoidance, 490+ Defense, 11K+ health, & 200+ Spell Damage):

    This spreadsheet is purposefully NOT copy protected so you can copy it to your own drive and use it to track your own progress and/or modify per your own needs. Original sources for all theory crafting, benchmarks, talents, BiS lists, etc are also included in the spreadsheet for convenience and to give credit to the original authors of those sources.

    Includes 4 gear set options so far (for those that are OK with using crafted gear) & I plan to keep it updated with any helpful feedback &/or lessons learned.

    Great starting point and only gets better as reps go to Exalted &/or you get gear drops from Heroics (or more than 15 Heroic Badges).

    Note: This is also posted on Reddit and if you have a Reddit account it would be great if you can use this link and upvote it:
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    This is fantastic, thanks! Bookmarked and upvoted. I will be using this for my team's tank.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mordikai View Post
    This is fantastic, thanks! Bookmarked and upvoted. I will be using this for my team's tank.
    Glad it helped.

    Bumping this for anyone leveling their Tankadin by dungeons as the following spreadsheet tab allows you to list the gear you want by dungeon and track it as you acquire it. This lists at least 4 gear options that give you can use to be raid-ready with no heroic drops nor raids nor crafted gear required (though crafted gear options are also listed):

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