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    Default Professions? - 1Paly 5Sham

    This is what I was originally thinking...

    Paladin: Engineering / Leatherworking
    Shaman1: Skinning / Leatherworking
    Shaman2: Mining / Leatherworking
    Shaman3: Herbalism / Leatherworking
    Shaman4: Enchanting / Leatherworking

    BUT, I just read that Drums will have their radius restricted at first and then Greater Drums will be available in Phase 4 Zul'Aman.

    Is this Drum overkill? Should I have the Paladin take Blacksmithing instead? One Shaman take Tailoring or Alchemy? (But I'll probably have Tailoring on my Main)

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    You certainly don't "need" that many drums, but if you're up for leveling Leatherworking then i'd definitely suggest doing it, it wouldn't hurt. Netherstrike is also preraid BIS, along with Windhawk being nearly as good but a bit more flexible in later phases.

    The radius on drums isn't really a factor since it's not as if you're going to be spreading out your whole team that far while doing heroics. You can also manage just fine with lust, drums would just be an added bonus for the more difficult trash pulls and for burning down bosses faster.

    As for secondary professions, those would be up to you. I'll probably just end up doing Enchanting on all 5 of my Shamans for the SP ring enchants, and to d/e all the BoP quest rewards they get later once i'm 70. Though i may run at least Mining and Skinning for the initial 60-70 dungeon grind, but it's not something i'm especially worried about. I'm not too interested in the herb / ore nodes in dungeons, as gold is going to be easy enough to earn as it is and i don't especially want to add more to my heroic runs.

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    Because I likely will be doing some solo farming/boosting & PVP on my Paladin in addition to running a 5box I likely would run:

    Paladin: Engineering / Enchanting
    Shaman1: Skinning / Leatherworking
    Shaman2: Mining / Leatherworking
    Shaman3: Herbalism / Leatherworking
    Shaman4: Alchemy / Leatherworking

    When boxing I likely will have my Paladin too far away to benefit from reduced range drums and/or don't really want to be running back to use drums/etc so the above likely fits my intended approaches better.

    That would allow me on my Paladin when solo farming or boosting other alts/people to still be able to blow open locks/chests, do extra AoE/stuns & long range pulls from Engineering, as well as disenchant stuff I loot.

    If I only planned on running the paladin as part of the team I would do as you indicated. If I didn't also want (and already have at 300) the Engineering on the Paladin I guess I could make the Paladin the Enchanter and still use him to disenchant stuff aquired while solo farming or boosting as long as I am OK with giving up blowing locks/chests and extra AoE/effects/gear from Engineering. In the end I likely will keep Engineering on my Paladin as in phase 1+ of TBC I may be using 1 or 2 Engineering Stam trinkets and in P2 I likely will use the Goggles in addition to the other benefits.
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    Excellent. Thank you very much for the advice. 5 leatherworkers it is!

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    about more then one LW:

    Over the first few weeks of testing in the Burning Crusade Beta, we’ve found it useful to elaborate on and bolster the “some changes” philosophy that we expressed at BlizzConline (and in posts like this one). As we’ve said, we’re open to making further alterations to Burning Crusade Classic, and we’re guided by the goal of authenticity in how the game plays, especially given how players in 2021 approach a game that was designed in 2007.

    We’ve decided make the following updates to Burning Crusade Classic:

    • “Lesser” versions of Leatherworking drums will be available from the beginning of the expansion, and will approximate how drums operated in the first few patches of original Burning Crusade.
    • “Greater” versions of the drums will become available with the phase that includes the Zul’Aman raid.
    • Throughout Burning Crusade Classic, using Leatherworking drums will invoke the Tinnitus debuff, preventing reuse for two minutes.

    This decision follows a great deal of consideration of the options available. Ultimately, the “some changes” philosophy is a method for identifying problems where specific design choices made in 2007 don’t completely match the design intent of 2007. Having identified a clear issue of that type with drums, we naturally look for changes that were made at the time to address the problem. Tinnitus is exactly such a fix. It was added to the game in the very next major update after the Sunwell patch.

    Tinnitus simply limits the number of Leatherworkers that a guild will consider beneficial to one Leatherworker per party. It fits with the design of The Burning Crusade, which encouraged guilds to carefully plan their raid composition to ensure access to various buffs and to make the best use of various drops, such as Primal Nethers. This change should preserve Leatherworking’s unique niche without devaluing it too much compared to other professions, which was the goal of the overall profession design of The Burning Crusade.

    Our next step is to test it, so we’re updating the Beta today to include Tinnitus, and it will be in place when we resume testing in Karazhan. As before, we’ll be carefully following what testers do with it, and feedback from testers. We encourage you to use the in-game bug report function in the Beta.

    Thank you very much for all of your testing and feedback!
    am going 4 LW on the shams but mostly for the gear they can craft

    and the pally will be engi and mining probs

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