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    Default Which build would be better option for boxing?

    hi guys,

    I'm trying to decide which one of this two builds to buy:

    Ryzen 9 3900x 12-cores 24-threads
    32gb RAM
    MSI RTX 2080ti 11Gb

    i7-10700k 8-cores 16-threads
    32gb RAM 3200
    GeForce RTX 3070 8Gb MSI Ventus X2

    which one do you think I should get?


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    My (probably) terrible opinion, depending on what you're boxing and how many. Using wow as an example, if you're heading towards 16 boxing go with option 1, though you'll probably want more than 32gb ram for that. Otherwise if you're doing less clients option 2 is probably better, specially for something kind of prettier than wow.

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    I have always been an AMD fan and try to support them where I can. That being said my initial thoughts and observations are:

    • - I have had better luck with GeForce drivers;
    • - Single core metrics matters most for performance per client (the intel generally tests better single-core-wise though the AMD does better when maxing all the cores/threads);
    • - Both CPU architectures above have threads that share core resources (not sure how each affects thread performance when 2 threads run on the same core); Personally I prefer to shut off things like Hyperthreading and what not unless I really need the extra cores;
    • - The newer AMD CPUs had much better PCIe lane connectivity though both architectures likely have more than enough lanes for a single GPU;
    • - The intel CPU has an integrated iGPU which can be a pro/con depending on how you look at it.

    In comparing same GPU with the 2 CPUs the Intel seems better for a single game client which likely scales some until you start to hit too many clients:

    Some other comparisons:

    Note that I generally try to keep at least one thread (but preferably 1 full core) open for non game tasks so for non-casual play I would generally limit the intel CPU to 14 or less WoW clients and the AMD one to 20-22 (both can likely handle more but then you start sharing threads between wow clients and/or system processes and I try to avoid that).

    With the above in mind, were I choosing between the above 2 CPUs to play 1-7 WoW clients I would definitely go with the Intel CPU.

    At 8-11 clients the intel CPU would likely need to utilize hyperthreads so it would be interesting to compare that range with hyperthreading on the intel and both off/on for the Ryzen (maybe not much impact but interesting none the less).

    For reference personally my system is still running a water-cooled i7-6900K (16threads) with 128GB RAM and an 8GB GTX1070 though it should be noted that I built my system before the Ryzens were mainstream. If I were building a new system for myself with my goals/tendancies, between the above 2 CPUs, I likely would go with the Ryzen but for most folk 5boxing I would go with the Intel. Other typical boxing teams seem to be 8 or 10boxing and the Intel may still be better (assuming hyperthreading isn't much of a factor).

    I don't know nor have time to compare the above GPUs so I will limit my analysis to just the CPUs and stop my commentary there.

    Good luck and let us know what you choose, what you plan to run run on it, and how it turns out.

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