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    I still love classic and personally not ready for TBC. I love the idea of classic forever. My mage will stay for sure, I am finally pretty good at the SM boosts, as well as RFC 1 pulls and SFK so I can always boost a new team. Around the 50s starting to farm some princess runs and ST and arena runs is when I plan to start playing them as a team. I am OK at mara 180-200 pulls.

    Most people will move to TBC which is totally awesome. And realms will automatically transition to TBC. Those of us who choose to stay on classic forever, or clone some/all of our toons to classic forever, we'll be coming from many realms onto just a handful. I don't think it will ever be "dead" like people claim. I love the idea of getting full naxx gear on my main then doing it again. I easily see a few more years in classic, and so pumped to have the option of living in 3 separate expansions.

    What the clone costs will ultimately determine how many characters I do it on. 10 bucks? No brainer, almost all my toons, 8 or 9. 40 bucks? Probably just my mage.

    With regards to TBC dungeons, I think they'll hit hard. I'm a bit nervous about getting hard stuck on 5 man content and not being good enough to kill certain bosses. Losing movement was a big hit for me. Last boss of Shadow Labs, gauntlet in Shattered Halls (and last boss), 2nd last boss then Mini gauntlet in Mechanaar, etc. I used to have formations keybound for my teams on retail. We shall see.

    I do plan on using click to move/IWT on melee and maybe driving from my resto shaman. Warlock isn't my ideal ranged class due to complexity in a round Robin rotation, but maybe I can play a shadowbolt spam spec a little early.
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    I also hope that they funnel the straight-transfers & clones to as few as reasonable Classic-WoW-Forever servers so there are active communities there...

    Don't get me wrong, if I start playing regularly again, I will at least initially be all in on Classic-TBC (and even more on a future Classic-WotLK) until I am established at cap the way I want and IF I start to find dead time with not much to do. With that in mind I likely won't touch my cloned characters for quite some time if much at all... To me cloning my main Pa3LPr team, 60 mage, some 39 & 49 twinks, & maybe 1-2 warlock summoning/crafting alts would be at best for a later date. I am not 100% sure I will ever go there but kind of think of as insurance to make sure I have no regrets in case I later want to.

    Being able to go back and do the Classic Raids and Dungeons with Classic specs is nice and all but my stronger reason is because if my brother & I get really into regular twink BattleGround brackets in Classic-TBC we may find that some of us also want to sometimes queue up for Classic-WoW brackets with the specs based upon max level 60 and I would not really want to level again to be able to twink out and grind gold or what not again. Additionally, if folks from here (or other like minded folk) were wanting to do Classic-WoW stuff I may go help...
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