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    Cool new boxer

    hi all. I'm looking for anyone's isboxer recommend 5 man cross-party automation for tbc. I've got an old revamped jamba addon working and I'm just so lost with hotkeys, auto interact etc. can someone please post a config? also, i play pvt server only due to new rules. [Redacted]. ty.
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    You generally can not just load up someone else's configuration and play with it, as your ingame keybinds, classes, team compositions etc generally will not match, let alone for a specific version of the game... I highly recommend you take the time to look at the beginner guides for ISBoxer (MiRai has made fantastic video tutorials for years that should get you going) and try to learn the basics.

    I'll also point out that Interact With Target was, to my knowledge, added in WoTLK, so it more than likely does not even exists for you.

    Additionally discussion about private servers are against the rules of this board. So anything specific to that should be left out. If you have generalized ISBoxer questions, that is fine and dandy as far as I understand.

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