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    Default Ema 4.0

    As classic-tbc is now running in full mode! the plan what was to do with EMA:

    one option was to have EMA for each "Game" this would be a pain and as with classic i did not work on it a lot! and it just got very meh when and if i added new stuff to the EMA, i have less time then I used to as well so i can not put in as much time as I used to. so it work work on whatever i was playing that has not worked out so well.

    as TBC is running on a shadowlands client it would not with the current classic game.

    so would of been

    EMA --
    EMA-classic -- legion
    EMA-classic-tbc -- shadowlands
    EMA-Classic-wotlk (whenever that comes if it does) I guess would be running on whatever 10.x whatever that called client .

    the 2nd option.

    Is a rewrite to EMA and support all the "Games"* under one addon like a super EMA! with a system that would take out stuff not in the older games and take out few bits that's not in live.

    So after a lot back and forward and testing am going with option 2. am unsure if the current classic client will be support as am unsure what client blizzard are using on classic ERA realms.

    so with that here is the ChangeLog for EMA 4.0!

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    Thanks Ebony for all the hard work. This looks really interesting and it will be great if there can be one addon to rule them all.

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    where can i download ema 4.0?

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    Originally Posted by ebony
    Thanks for the support the project is now dead. Am not willing to give it on to somone else to take over. Your free to use jamba code to make a add-on

    rIp ebony
    Eonar - EU

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