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    Default My Post-WoW Choice: EverQuest

    Hey everyone! So I've been going back and forth with what I wanted to do after World of Warcraft and Blizzard's policy change. After dabbling in multiboxing (and playing solo) in a handful of MMORPGs, I've decided to plant my flag back in my original home: EverQuest. I'm playing on the BEST server, Firiona Vie. Tons of more posts to follow, but here are my pros and cons of EverQuest as a destination for multiboxers in MMOs.

    -Able to use ISBoxer (with some True Box Progression Servers being the only exceptions)

    -MASSIVE world. 27 Expansions and counting for a near endless amount of worlds to explore!

    -Low cost of entry. The basic game (plus first 24 expansions) are Free to Play. There are some restrictions on a free account, but there are ways to game the system (and buy Krono, the EQ equivalent of WoW Tokens) and you can play on a very minimal financial investment

    -No real "Boxer Hate". Since so many people in EQ multibox, the random /tells of "You're a loser!" (or more accurately, the pleasantly ironic "Your an idiot") are non-existent

    -Mercenaries. NPCs you can hire to fill any role in your group. One of the best additions to the game in its 22 years of existence! I use a Healer Mercenary in every single one of my groups, so I dont have to stress about heals (for the most part).

    -Important features at higher levels require some financial investment (AAs being the biggest thing, but again, there are ways to maximize your money)

    -Built off of the 1999 version of the game. Dated graphics and unpolished systems.

    -No hand-holding. Some (like me) see this as a PRO, however if you've only known World of Warcraft, you're used to the game holding your hand and telling you where to go and what to do next. In EverQuest, you make your own way. As you get to the higher levels, 95 to 115, you have less options, but up to that point, you go and do what works for you.

    -Grinding over Questing to earn XP. Though they've added quests to the game over the years, one of the main ways you gain XP is to pick a spot in a zone and grind away at killing mobs.

    -Overwhelming. So many features and zones to the game, it can be overwhelming to players. Hell, I played the game heavily until 2004, and have hopped back in every now and again, and even I was overwhelmed when I came back for good this year. But with perseverance, you'll find your destiny.

    -Game resources are tough to come by. Allakhazam is still one of the top EverQuest information websites, but finding things in there can be difficult at times. is Another great page that is fantastic especially for the more recent 10 or so expansions.

    I'm sure there are many more pros and cons. Feel free to add your own in the replies.

    Currently my main team is in the 105-110 range. I'm playing Shadowknight, Mage, Enchanter, Druid and Wizard with a Healer Mercenary.
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    "Twilight is upon me. And soon, night must fall". My days in WoW are over, but I'm back to where it all started, EverQuest!

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    Ahh EQ. My first real home in the MMORPG world, and also my first multiboxing experience. I manually multiboxed back in the day, and I'm proud to have had one of my awful setups included in a "How not to multibox" articles from this forum, I believe.

    I may have a go at EQ. I had a SHD, SHM, ENC, CLR, ROG group. Awesome fun.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Gomotron View Post
    I'm proud to have had one of my awful setups included in a "How not to multibox" articles from this forum, I believe.
    Too funny. 😂
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    Hey.. what server are you on? I am going to start boxing again on EQ and EQ2 this next week and see which I like more. I was old school boxer like you on both EQ and EQ2 many moons ago and am just hating the MMO world now. Want to relive some happy times. but I want to 6 box if possible. Guess I coudl do your 3 and get Mercs. TLP looked awesome way to relive but seems they are 1 client only.

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