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    Question [Input Director] Advice seeking or Suggestions

    I am using input director to control two computers via the mirror inputs across master and slave computers, however recently i have found that in some of the games i try to multibox in the camera controls don't work. The master computer will still have full control over the camera in its instance but the slave computer will only have the ability to move via the directional keys, attack by left clicking but it does not let me control the camera on the slave computer thus making one character just wandering off in one direction over time despite running in a straight line.

    Are their other programs that will let me broadcast mouse movement and inputs across two computers simultaneously or does any one know what im doing wrong? possibly in the settings or otherwise

    also if this is the wrong thread i will delete and repost immediately to the proper thread. This place seemed like the right one based on the description and other threads i was looking at new here thanks for the patience.

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    Not sure if there are other software based options. From a hardware perspective an inexpensive 4port KM Synchronizer should allow you to send Keyboard &/or Mouse inputs to upto 4 computers. The following thread delineates some devices and their interoperability with various KM synchronizer options:

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