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    Default Can you plug more than one keyboard in one usb input on AIMOS or Shuone KVM ?

    I wonder if someone can take the time to test that ? Put two usb keyboard on an usb hub and plug the usb hub as an input for either the AIMOS or Shuone KVM ?

    I'm actually considering going back to boxing and i'm looking at all the hardware stuff to make my buying list and as an input, i probably want to do something like this :

    Put a small 60% keyboard linked to my main computer and a numpad, two 10 key keyboard and one 7 key keyboard linked to 5 computers thought the kvm. Put all of them over a piece of wood and glue them.

    I wonder if that's doable, and if it could be an interesting way to manage inputs.

    I already got the numpad, i bought way back, i remember there is a program called bootmapper that allow to bind the key to whatever you want on a hardware level. I suppose it's the same stuff for the mini keyboard (but not sure)

    So, if i want to do this, i've got to buy multiple KVM, or i just could plug all that stuff in an usb hub ?

    Edit 2 : I'm also considering using foot pedal for broadcasting ALT
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    Atleast with the keyboards I have I've been unable to get my Aimos to extend the ports with a USB hub. It seems to recognize the first device I plug in to the hub and not the second. The only way I've gotten more than 2 devices connected in to it is with a cheap logitech keyboard+mouse combo that connect to the same wireless receiver, leaving the second port open for a "third" device technically.

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