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    Default Cast spell on key up?

    I would like to simplify the way I cast targetable spells in WoW (Blizzard, flamestrike, heroic leap, etc). Right now I'm using a simple @cursor in-game macro to cast wherever the mouse is. But sometimes that isn't precise enough.

    I'd like to find a way through some combination of in-game macros, addons, or allowed 3rd party software, such that pressing down a key brings up the targeting reticle, and then releasing that key casts the spell.

    In my mind this is a simple key remapping task. I want key down to perform 1 action, and then key up to perform another action.

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    This seems to be what you're looking for, but beyond my own capabilities to implement.

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    Yeah I'm unaware of any premade addon that does it. That post Wubsie put is exactly what I would do, it wouldn't take much more than creating a tiny addon with a toc file and a lua file, where the lua file contents are literally what is in that post, but you change the spell names in the "SetAttribute" lines and the 'key'. Easiest way would probably be to make one addon for each class, and only enable it on the relevant toons.

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    I still wasn't understanding what exactly was needed, but a buddy over on the MooreaTv discord hooked me up. Its quite easy.

    Step 1 - create addon folder.
    In your addons folder, create a folder called SpellOnKeyUp
    (default path is: C:\Program Files (x86)\World of Warcraft\_classic_\Interface\AddOns\SpellOnKeyUp)

    Step 2 - create the .toc file.
    Open notepad (or any txt editor) and copy/paste this into it - save the file as "SpellOnKeyUp.toc" inside your SpellOnKeyUp folder

    ## Interface: 11306
    ## Title: SpellOnKeyUp
    ## Notes: ^
    ## Author: Gello ?
    Step 3 - create the .lua file
    Open any txt editor again and copy paste this into it - save the file as "SpellOnKeyUp.lua" inside your SpellOnKeyUp folder
    local key = "5"if select(2,UnitClass("player"))=="MAGE" then
       local button = CreateFrame("Button","BlizzardOnUp",nil,"SecureActionButtonTemplate")
         if down then
           self:SetAttribute("macrotext","/cast blizzard")
           self:SetAttribute("macrotext","/stopspelltarget\n/cast [@cursor] blizzard")
    This turns your blizzard into a 1 button ordeal - press down to target, and release to cast the spell. You can change the button (default is 5) and even the spell (switch to flamestrike, or any targetable spell like heroic leap) by manually editing the .lua file - its not much more complex than editing a macro.

    The default for this is your 5 key and max rank blizzard - press 5 and you'll get the targeting reticle under your mouse like normal, but the spell will cast as soon as you release 5. It just saves 1 extra mouse click - which I find very useful in PvP, and I think it'll work well for boosting.

    Thank you all for your help!
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    Ha - someone just pointed out that its already been turned into an addon. Grounded - Addons - World of Warcraft - CurseForge

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