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    Default Everquest aoe team question

    With the announcement of no isboxer allowed in wow i went back to where it began for me to everquest. It has been so great. I am 6 boxing a team and am at 65 so far. i would be higher but i started doing epics and really distracted.

    I started a new team that i want to aoe all the way with

    i have enchanter cleric and 3 wizards. my problem is what to do in the last spot. i originally was going to pull with the enchanter and run 4 wizards. But pulling up old aoe post they a lot of them say use a Bard to pull. so please help me with this decision.

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    In my journey so far, I have been really shying away from AoE teams. I'm doing a traditional build (Tank, Healer, 4x DPS). Especially at the highest levels, 100+, mobs hit so damn hard I cant imagine trying to do any kind of AoE burn team that wont get completely destroyed in a few seconds. I dont know what the recast time is on the Enchanter AoE Stuns, but if it is fairly low, you can add a 2nd Enchanter, maybe?
    "Twilight is upon me. And soon, night must fall". My days in WoW are over, but I'm back to where it all started, EverQuest!

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