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    Lightbulb For those who wanted a quick guide for the AIMOS, I finally got around to it.

    AIMOS Hot Keys – 4 port and 8 port models
    Press and hold NUM* and tap NUM0 - This turns on synchronization to all devices.
    Press and hold NUM* and tap NUM1 through NUM8 – Switch control directly to the PC plugged into the corresponding port (i.e., NUM1 = PC1).
    Press and hold NUM* and tap F9 - Turns on absolute mouse positioning mode.
    Press and hold NUM* and tap F10 - Turns on relative mouse positioning mode.
    Press and hold NUM* and tap S - This enables serial screen switching with the mouse. If you are on port one and you move the cursor far enough to the right to be off screen, you switch to port 2. Keep going right and you hit port 3, port 4, etc... Issue this same keystroke combination to disable serial screen switching.

    Is that all of them?
    Yup! The AIMOS has fewer hotkeys than the ShuOne. The AIMOS uses the same “magic key” for swapping ports (NUM*) as it does for other commands. The ShuOne uses different keys for turning sync on and direct port swapping. It also supports changing which key you use for port swapping, which adds to the number of commands it needs.

    Do I really need to worry about Absolute/Relative mouse positioning?
    The ShuOne has relative mouse positioning enabled by default and many people never switch away from that mode.

    Relative positioning means the KM sync does not care if the cursors are all in the same spot. They can get out of sync over time (or right away).

    Absolute positioning will reset your mouse cursor when the pointer location of connected PCs differs by too much. These mouse position resets during sync can have different effects in game. If you are attempting to move the game camera, you will end up with a crazy camera angle at random. If you are just interacting with NPCs or gathering, everything will be like normal.

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    I ended up ordering this to compare to the ShuOne and... I'm happy, as well my hotkey for Num * is my healing pot which I rarely hit and if I do I never have to hold it, so this should be quite the improvement. Thank you for adding the manual!
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    i just got an aimos in too. Gonna play around with using ShuOne for Mouse and Aimos for KB, and slave mouse

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    I had no idea my AIMOS could do all this let alone hotkey all of it. Lol. My instruction booklet was in a language I didn't understand. Thanks for this Wootenblatz.

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    Very solid info. Thanks so much Wootenblatz!

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